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4c Natural Hair Extensions Wefts

4c Natural Hair Extensions Wefts


4C natural hair extensions are the kinkiest hair texture. 4c hair does not have a defined curl pattern. When washed without any product hair resembles a picked out afro. This type of hair is perfect for an afro look, twist out's and braid outs. Hair can be washed and dyed. 

All hair comes with a free hair extension box!!

This hair is also available in clip-ins and closures. 4c hair frontal and lace front wigs are available through special order. Hair does not come dyed.


  • Hair Shrinkage: please consider when purchasing the length of the hair. As with most curl patterns, in its natural state hair shrinks without manipulation. Hair length is measured when the hair is pulled. For example, if an 18" texture is purchased, hair will look a few inches shorter because of the shrinkage. Please refer to the chart for more detail.
  • Can hair be straightened? Yes! hair can be straightened however just like your own hair flat ironing hair can alter the pattern of this hair. For this texture, we would not recommend flat ironing. We suggest our blown out texture.
  • How many ounces does the hair weigh? Hair is approximately 100 grams or about 3.5 ounces.

  • So you aren’t sure if this is the exact texture you want what do you do? Order a sample! we offer samples of each texture

  • Do we offer refunds? Refunds are only issued if the seal on hair has not been broken. Once the seal has been broken no refunds. Please refer to policy page for more info.